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Dear Pat, Thanks again for all you did to enable me to stay in the Villas for the nine weeks I was in Tucson recently.  The Villas–and the fabulous staff you have assembled–made me feel very comfortable and secure during my stay.  I never felt like a hinderance or that my wheelchair was in any way in the way or an inconvenience.  The staff is incredible.  The Villa is small enough so that the staff is able to quickly learn–and in many cases predict–the quirks and needs of each of the residents.  This made the Villas even more special.  Thanks again for all that you did and all you continue to do.

—CF, 2023

Family Member

I am dropping this by you to tell you how happy I am that we chose Academy Villas for my parents.
I know it takes some time to adjust and at first they kept to themselves. Dad just wanted to go home–to walk home if no one would drive him. But just four weeks later, his room is decorated with his paintings, and he can’t stop saying how beautiful it is. He loves all the attention he gets from staff.
Mom is settling in too and getting the help she needs and gives out hugs to everyone.  Her hair and nails are don beautifully by Sandy and Kathi.
In short, this has become their home.  Dad is eating again and enjoyed the Christmas celebration as well.

--JA, 2018

Family Member

I think you know how grateful we are for all of the kindness you showed our Uncle when he was in your care, and how touched we were by the warm wlcome you extended us while we were there,  You are  all amazing, singly and as a team.    It meant a lot to us to be there with him.
But you all were also his family. When he came back to the Villa [from the hospital], he felt that he had come home.  He loved each of you, and felt loved in return.  Thank you for that, from the bottom of our heat.

--NOM, 2018

Family Member

“Both of my parents lived in the Academy Villas from the time it opened until their deaths in the fall of 2016. The Villas allowed them to stay together while receiving the care they needed. Originally they moved from their home in the community because my mother was falling. At first, they were able to continue to visit their home and participate in outside activities while having a safe comfortable living environment. As the years progressed, their needs changed and the care they received changed allowing them to stay together until the end. The staff was wonderful, providing them with loving care as they became increasingly frail. I live out of state and was secure in the knowledge that they were safe getting all the attention they needed and that I would be contacted immediately if there was a problem. I spent a great deal of time with the staff over the years while visiting my parents and can say that the wonderful care of the staff if what makes the Academy Villas such a special place.”

--NOM, 2018

Family Member

Dear Pat and Staff; The home my Mom found with you in her final years turned out to be like family, the best kind of family. What amazed me more than anything was the good humor that was always present at the Villas. Your staff shared that good humor with Mom. They showed their love in the kind of care they gave her, and that means everything to anyone at any age. They engaged her in conversation and gave her good night hugs. They were interested in her well-being. The size and intimacy of the Villas was the best place Mom could be, and she said so. She was thankful that she could be there. I couldn’t have asked for better care for her.
Thank you again, Pat, and your wonderful staff. Someone does an extraordinary job in hiring such wonderful people.

--AB 2017


“ I moved into the Villa this past December 5. Since the move involved sending my beloved dog Daisy to live in Wisconsin with my younger son, there was ample reason not to be joyous. Further, I was facing a Christmas season without family present, as they had planned their visits to assist in my move. Despite these circumstances, I found myself delighted to be in a warm environment with skilled caregivers who quickly demonstrated their well-deserved reputation for friendly, competent care.”

--FN, 2016

Staff Member

“This is a family atmosphere. We not only care for our residents, but we also include their families. We get to know and understand the whole person; their likes, dislikes, and their attitudes.

We are a big part of their lives, and they are a big part of ours. It’s like taking care of grandparents. There is always so much to learn from them because of the era they grew up in.

I have been here as a caregiver for six years, and I’ve always enjoyed being here. It’s just a part of me.”

--NM, 2016

Family Member

“My mom lived in the Villa for 3 years. I lived in the Village then, so there were many good things about our proximity. I could see her often, and I could get there quickly if I needed to. But the best thing was the care. The daughter in me was grateful to have her cared for so well. She really liked the staff. As an RN, I could see that the care was the best. I could count on her being given “consistently safe” care. I credit Pat Strong and Candi Tucker for the excellent selection of the staff, the low turn over, the on-going education, the close supervision, and the true dedication to excellence.”

JW 2015


I am blessed with a very nice place to live and very nice people assisting me.  I have a large room and a large bathroom; one door into the hall and one door out to a beautiful courtyard.
There is always a sunny spot outside with little or no wind.  There is a water fountain and birds flock to drink and bathe.  I spend an hour or so outside getting direct sunshine and watching the birds.
The staff members are quick to notice any discrepancy such as no call button or absence of hearing aids, or a sloppy shirt.  They make sure I am presentable.  The food is good which gives me too much waistline so I try to avoid dessert.
The next event here is Pearl Harbor day.  I will wear my Legion of Merit.

—JM, 2019

Family Members

Our father became a resident of Academy Villas in 2010. He was fortunate to spend the last 6.5 years of his life at such a warm, caring, friendly and professional community.  He loved playing cards with all his friends. Loved to eat the great meals.  He enjoyed socializing with anyone that visited and became the official “welcome wagon” of “his home” as he called it. If not for the excellent care, we know he wouldn’t have been able to live to a ripe age of 91 years! Sadly, he passed away in May, but he did it the way he wanted. He was with his friends and “family” at Academy Villas until the end. If you, a loved one, or a friend are looking for a place to call home in your final years, Academy Villas should be your only choice.  Words cannot express our gratitude for the excellent care he was given.  Thank you to the entire team.

--MN, 2017

Family Member and Resident

My late husband was a charter member of the Villa. He thought of the staff and other Villa residents as his extended family. The staff took excellent, individualized, loving care of him, and provided me with whatever I needed during my daily visits. Villa staff arranged and paid for his medical transportation and made sure to take him to the ASA programs he wanted to attend. Finally, in her role as the Villa nurse, Candi Tucker made all the right suggestions concerning his eventual hospice care.
More recently I found myself to be a temporary resident of the Villa following a multi-fracture accident. I really appreciated getting all the right assistance whenever I needed it together with the freedom to go out and engage in other activities whenever I felt up to them.

--MN, 2017

Family Member

My sister has been a resident at the Villas for about a year. She has never, in the past five years, felt as comfortable, content and physically well as she has this past year. She considers the place her home now and has made many friends. She speaks lovingly about staff but has no real favorites. They all seem to be treating her as they would their own Mom or favorite person. The food is great, served lovingly and with as much assistance as may be required. She is a person who dislikes changes and with her own furniture and surroundings appreciates the place very much. The location is easily reached and the setting for the home is outstanding.
I, her brother with caretaking responsibility, like the thought that I do not have to woirry at all about her welfare. She receives her food and medication ( the correct ones) on time and efficiently. Her needs are served very well and emergencies handled without assistance from me.

I would recommend Academy Villas to any one who has a need for the wonderful facilities and services they provide.

--KD 2017


“Life in the Villas is multidimensional. There is the basic cadre of residents each of whom faces their particular problems but who support one another with encouragement and banter. Then there is the caring staff whose lives we know of and who keep us engaged in a broader spectrum of life concerns (marriage, birth, grandchildren, etc.).”

--RK, 2016

Family Member

“When I became my mother’s “Mom”, I had no idea how our lives would change. Advanced Alzheimer’s meant that she would have to move to Tucson. After sitting through several high-pressure pitches and tours, I decided that a large facility would not work. I didn’t want her sitting alone in her room all day with no stimulation, and had no confidence that she’d be able to find the dining room on her own.

The minute I walked into Academy Villas, I knew this was home. Mom could sit and visit with staff while they prepared meals like she was visiting with a next-room neighbor. She loved the patio, watching the birds, enjoying the flower garden and happy hour with other residents. My Mom was a resident tor three and half years. When we were out and about she would say, “I think it is time for me to go home”. We are so impressed with Academy Villas, we have just moved my father-in-law in.”

JM, 2015

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