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Assisted Living Activities

The list of activities from which you can choose is long, varied and stimulating. In addition to the many events planned by Villa residents and staff, there are many activities taking place each week at the Arizona Senior Academy. These include live musical events, lectures and talks, as well as courses. The Senior Academy is located close to the Villas and every Villas resident has membership privileges in the Academy.

On any given day, you may find a presentation on local geology, a yoga class, a first-rate concert, an art group exploring watercolors, a guest lecturer speaking on astronomy, or a resident teaching a class on using your IPhone. There are also many social events, and walks around the scenic and quiet streets and paths of the community.

Most likely, there will also be days when you ignore all of these possibilities in favor of a reading in a comfortable chair in the library, engaging with another in a board game, or having your hair styled–all of which are available in the Villas.

Participating in these activities is part of what we mean by “Living Well with Assistance.” The cooking, cleaning, laundry and other tasks are done for you, so you can “live well,” doing the things that bring enjoyment and satisfaction.

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