Our highly trained personal care staff is engaged in all aspects of a resident’s life. They are committed to the well-being of residents and respect their privacy, independence and individual preferences.


Academy Villas
Living Well with Assistance


Academy Villas Assisted Living Staff

Pat Strong

Patricia Strong (Pat) is the Executive Director of the Academy Villas. She has 12 years of administrative experience in assisted living. Pat currently holds state certification as an Assisted Living Facility Manager. When asked what her priorities are, she responds that “the well-being and happiness of Villa residents is my number one goal.” She believes this is attained in a number of ways: a top-notch staff; an attractive, welcoming environment; fostering positive interactions among and between staff and residents; and offering good food in a convivial dining atmosphere.


Judy Ingall: RN

Judy came to Academy Villas under the tutelage of Candi Tucker, RN after being a stay at home mom for 20 years.  She was a certified dermatology nurse for eleven years at the start of her career and is still thrilled by a Dr. Pimple Popper video on YouTube.  Judy has 2 daughters, ages 22 and 20, and has been a trailing wife of a Caterpillar executive living in Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Tennessee, North Carolina, Shanghai China, and Minnesota before moving to Tucson in 2017. She has been a certified Jazzercise instructor for 18 years and enjoys encouraging others to dance like no one is watching.

Business Office Manager

Lori Somner

Lori recently joined Academy Villas bringing with her diverse, professional experience including nine years with a large assisted-living community as its business manager. She also spent eighteen years in the automotive industry and several years with an architecture firm. Lori was born and raised in Tucson where she also received her bachelor’s degree in accounting. She has one son, Nicholas, 24, and is a doting, great-aunt to Charlotte who is 2.  Lori is thrilled to once again be working with seniors as her previous experience had been the most fulfilling in her career.


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