Academy Villas resident singer

Academy Villas Resident Sings in Local Chorale

William Archibald,  an Academy Villas resident, sings in the local Vail Chorale. Recently, at one of their concerts, he was a soloist.  Songs from the 1940’s was the theme of the concert.  The Arizona Senior Academy hosted the concert, and not a chair was empty. Following his solo, Mr. Archibald rejoined the rest of the group to sing, in harmony, a set of popular war and other songs during and after World War II.

Academy Villas & Vail Chorale

The Vail Chorale

The Vail Chorale was founded seven years ago.  At that time, the founding director was a resident of the Academy Village. Further, a number of residents from Academy Village and the Villas are members.  The chorale belongs to the Vail area community and is open to anyone who is interested in singing.  Presently, a wide variety of members range in age, gender and backgrounds. During the year, the chorale rehearses once a week, and presents a number of concerts. 

Music in the Villas

Music is an integral element in life in the Academy Villas. For example, residents can attend the weekly music presentations at the Arizona Senior Academy. Or, they can watch these concerts in the Villas on the TV.  In addition, local musicians travel to the Villas and engage the residents in singing old and familiar songs.