Covid-19 Staff Preparation

What has the Academy Villas residence done to avoid any resident to date contracting the Covid-19 Virus? The Villas staff started early in March to retrain staff in hand hygiene and general cleaning. They also began purchasing extra supplies. When the Pandemic approached Tucson, they put in place practices recommended by Pima County Dept. of Health Services, and the CDC and continue to do so. This includes checking staff’s temperature and asking a series of questions when they come to work; and closing the building to all visitors. Fortunately the Villas staff has paid time-off in the event of illness.


At the time, masks were not available for anyone—even hospital workers.  Fortunately, several Academy Village residents began to quickly sew masks for the Villas staff, and their neighbors. Staff member received two masks each from the villagers.

Mother’s Day

This pandemic is placing heartbreaking limits on the social aspects of our lives. The Villas staff purchased three iPads with stands that can be used by residents to communicate with their family and friends. On Mother’s Day, the staff went a step forward with a special opportunity for the residents to see members of their family, one-on-one.  One family member at a time could meet his/her loved ones in the Villas garden while maintaining social distancing rules.

We are all fortunate to have the quick thinking and actions taken by the Academy Villas staff.