New Fabric Art on Academy Villas Living Room Wall

A new fabric piece of art has become a permanent addition to the growing art collection at the Academy Villas.  For example, the walls contain many pieces of art that brighten the rooms and are a joy to view.  Further, residents also bring their favorite art works and photos to their rooms.   Seen in the photo above the wall hanging is called “Lovely Birds”.  It is is now on the Academy Villas living room wall.

Academy Village Quilters

This wall hanging was created by three members of the Academy Village’s Quilting Group.  Thirty very different, colorful birds, two of which are upside down, are portrayed. Fortunately, the quilters designed the wall hanging specifically for the Academy Villas walls and is well loved by the residents. For example, several residents have selected their favorite birds, and a couple of the birds now have names.

Art in the Villas

Art has been described as essential to the human spirit.  For example, art makes you think, it takes you to places, and makes you feel something.  Further, art also says things that words just can’t say. For these reasons, art is a major element of the decorations in and activities of the Academy Villas.  Residents, themselves create art, and join the art classes sponsored by the close-by Arizona Senior Academy.