Health & Wellness Newsletter: August ’17

The Academy Village Health and Wellness Committee published the Health & Wellness Newsletter: August ’17.  This newsletter provides health and wellness ideas, research and recommendations. This edition provides us with the welcome news that eating a little dark chocolate may be good for you. Of course, the study indicated that 1-3 oz servings a month in all that was needed to reduce the risk of arterial fibrillation.  This issue also outlines the white foods that have excellent health benefits.  For example, garlic, parsnips, yogurt, and many others are on on this list as healthy foods.

Dr. Adam Perching spoke about Oral Health and Aging at the Arizona Senior Academy. At this talk, he had many suggestions about oral health and these are described in the newsletter. And the newsletter continues with an article on why you may feel light-headed at times.  Further, it describes the new medical research on the first bionic kidney.

Altogether, this is an interesting newsletter issue, and we thank Academy Villagers Marilyn Norris and Bev Garrick for producing this newsletter.