Green House Approach

Green House Approach And Academy Villas

The Green House approach to senior supportive care strongly influenced the building and running of the Academy Villas.  Recently, a research study was conducted that offers support for this approach (New York Times).  This nine year study found that the Green House approach is “a preferable model of care.”  Specifically, it led to a smaller percentage of residents who were bedridden.  Further, there were fewer avoidable hospital visits and readmissions. The study suggests that these and other positive outcomes are related to to the central aspects of the Green House approach.

  • Smaller, residential style buildings with, private rooms for residents
  • Residents have considerable say over their lifestyles in the residence
  • Well-trained staff that maintains close, nurturing relationships with residents

Benefits to Residents

Residents in Green House facilities can determine the rhythm of their day. This is because of their small size and well-trained staff. For example, residents can get up when they want, and eat breakfast when they wish. They know all the other residents and are close to the staff members. Further, the study found that, on average, the well-trained staff members spent twice as many hours per day with individual residents than in other types of facilities. In addition, Green House staff members know the likes and dislikes of the residents, and are therefore more aware of changes in health conditions.

Academy Villas now has two assisted living residences that embrace the Green House approach to supportive care for seniors.