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Arizona Senior Academy Comes to The Academy Villas

Arizona Senior Academy Comes to the Academy Villas

Arizona Senior Academy comes to the Academy Villas

Arizona Senior Academy comes to the Academy Villas.  Live videos now carry the Arizona Senior Academy musical and lecture programs to the villas.   Thus the wonderful programs that take place several times a week in the Academy can now be viewed, live, on the television sets in the Academy Villas.  For example, musical events are presented every Tuesday, and lectures on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Both Academy Villas buildings  have live coverage over T.V.

Musical Events 

The musical event on the screen in the photo above was an astounding program of piano and violin that had the audience on their feet after each piece.  On the left, is the violinist, Steven Merkel, who is the concertmaster of the Phoenix Symphony Orchestra.  The pianist was Paul Fan.  She is the principal pianist of the Tucson Symphony Orchestra, and Regents’ Professor Emeritus of Music at the University of Arizona.  Merkel and Fan were celebrating 15 years of collaboration which has taken them all over the world. During the programs, the musicians pause to answer questions from the audience.  In the photo above, Steven Merkel is answering a question about his violin.

Other Programs

Other Arizona Senior Academy programs that will be videoed, live, to the Academy Villas include lectures that are given on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  For example, in this same week Archaeologist Allen Dart described Arizona’s earliest cultures through pottery and other items. A,d then, on Thursday, University of Arizona law researcher, Mark Verstadt shared his views of the “fake news” phenomenon. He also discussed the conclusions that he and his colleagues reached in a major study about “fake news” and its impact.


Art in Academy Villas

 Art in Academy Villas

Art in Academy Villas can be seen everywhere in the Villas. It helps that art courses, sponsored by the Arizona Senior Academy,  are one of the many amenities available to Villas residents. Further, a number of Villas residents are excellent artists.   In fact, the work of three Academy Villas residents was recently highlighted in a slideshow of Academy Village Residents’ Art.  Photos of the art of these three residents are shown below.

Artists and Art in Academy Villas

Academy Villas Art

Joan Lundberg, a current resident of the Villas, composed this pastel portrait of a man that she met while in the middle east. Joan uses many different media in her work, and recently took a colored pencil course in Academy Village.

Deli Bloombergen, a long time resident of the Villas, created this wonderful piece of fabric art.  She designed and created many large and stunning fabric art pieces. And she was an active member of Academy Village’s fabric art group.

Art in Academy Villas

Roger Shepard created this interesting piece of Digital art, called “Pear Lady”.  He and his wife, Barbaranne, live in the Villas.  In addition to being an artist, Roger is a well-known photographer.  As can be seen, he is also adept at working with photos, such as he did here,  on the computer.

These three pieces of art were a part of an slideshow that highlights the many artists and their work in Academy Village. If you are interested in exploring the resident art program further, the slideshow may be seen here.


Health & Wellness Newsletter: August ’17

Health & Wellness Newsletter: August ’17

The Academy Village Health and Wellness Committee published the Health & Wellness Newsletter: August ’17.  This newsletter provides health and wellness ideas, research and recommendations. This edition provides us with the welcome news that eating a little dark chocolate may be good for you. Of course, the study indicated that 1-3 oz servings a month in all that was needed to reduce the risk of arterial fibrillation.  This issue also outlines the white foods that have excellent health benefits.  For example, garlic, parsnips, yogurt, and many others are on on this list as healthy foods.

Dr. Adam Perching spoke about Oral Health and Aging at the Arizona Senior Academy. At this talk, he had many suggestions about oral health and these are described in the newsletter. And the newsletter continues with an article on why you may feel light-headed at times.  Further, it describes the new medical research on the first bionic kidney.

Altogether, this is an interesting newsletter issue, and we thank Academy Villagers Marilyn Norris and Bev Garrick for producing this newsletter.




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