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Villas Residents Honor 19th Amendment

Academy Villas Residents Honor The 19th Amendment

On August 19, 2020, Academy Villas residents honored the suffragettes and the 19th Amendment. One-hundred years has passed since the U.S. Government passed Amendment 19 of the U.S. Constitution.  This amendment allowed women to vote in all forms of elections in the U.S.A. It had taken a little more than 20 years for determined suffragettes to convince the U.S. populace that women should be allowed to vote.  The suffragette movement was the first to break the shackles that placed groups of people in a lower class in terms of voting and other important rights.

Academy Village Walk to Honor the Suffragettes

The Academy Village ( residents organized a walk to commemorate the remarkable women who fought so hard for their right to vote.  Some were sent to jail, and others were mocked and derided by the many men and some women who did not feel that women had the “right stuff” to vote. Given the nature of the Pandemic, the villagers wore white as did the suffragettes.  They also carried purple and gold banners.  Women and men walked around the Academy Village in small groups–in keeping with Pandemic rules.  They met up with the Villas residents outside the Langtry Villa, and waved to the passers-by.

It was a wonderful day for those who participated and the passers-by.




The Villas Responds to Covid-19

Covid-19 Staff Preparation

What has the Academy Villas residence done to avoid any resident to date contracting the Covid-19 Virus? The Villas staff started early in March to retrain staff in hand hygiene and general cleaning. They also began purchasing extra supplies. When the Pandemic approached Tucson, they put in place practices recommended by Pima County Dept. of Health Services, and the CDC and continue to do so. This includes checking staff’s temperature and asking a series of questions when they come to work; and closing the building to all visitors. Fortunately the Villas staff has paid time-off in the event of illness.


At the time, masks were not available for anyone—even hospital workers.  Fortunately, several Academy Village residents began to quickly sew masks for the Villas staff, and their neighbors. Staff member received two masks each from the villagers.

Mother’s Day

This pandemic is placing heartbreaking limits on the social aspects of our lives. The Villas staff purchased three iPads with stands that can be used by residents to communicate with their family and friends. On Mother’s Day, the staff went a step forward with a special opportunity for the residents to see members of their family, one-on-one.  One family member at a time could meet his/her loved ones in the Villas garden while maintaining social distancing rules.

We are all fortunate to have the quick thinking and actions taken by the Academy Villas staff.



Perfect Score from AZ State Review

Academy Villas Receives a Perfect Score in State Review

When the Arizona Department of Health Services announced a perfect score for the Academy Villas on a recent review, the staff members were thrilled.  A perfect score indicates that the State Regulatory agency, in an on-site review, found no deficiencies in the operations of the Villas. This is the second time in a row that the Villas received this score. Therefore, the next review will take place in two years rather than one.

Arizona State Reviews of Assisted Living Facilities

Reviews of Assisted Living facilities in Arizona are not announced ahead of time. Thus, the staff is completely surprised when the State reviewers walk in the front door. Considerable time is taken to conduct a review since the checklist is long. Examples of the many items that are examined by the reviewers are:

  • Matching Medication Administration Records to orders received by physicians to ensure that every medication given has an order
  • Examining all medication boxes to ensure that they are locked and contain no expired medications
  • Looking at all employee files to check for references and are compliant with CPR & first aid certification in the State of Arizona
  • Checking TB results on residents and employees that have to be repeated yearly
  • Testing water temperatures and the review disaster plan manual.

Any issue in the items examined by the reviewers is listed as a deficiency.

The Academy Villas Staff

The staff work that goes into maintaining a healthy and nourishing environment for the Villas residents is extensive and often unnoticed. This involves maintaining many records, vigilance concerning individual residents’ medications and other needs, and maintaining a safe and clean environment both within and outside the Villas. Our Villas staff work together to ensure that all of these steps are followed, and that the residents feel safe and enjoy their life in the Villas.  It is reassuring to the staff that their vigilance pays off in a highly successful review by the State.  Congratulations to the staff.



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