Rooms in the New Vivaldi Academy Villas 

The Academy Villas Assisted Living social activities rooms provide comfortable, spacious and beautifully decorated spaces.  For example, there are corner conversation spaces for two people, to a large living room for small or large gatherings.  Further, many of these rooms have windows that provide views of the Rincon Mountains and beyond.  (Be sure to look at the Academy Village Facebook page to see the many photos of our amazing surroundings.) 

The Academy Villas Assisted Living Social Activities Rooms

The living room has several seating areas that can easily be formed into a larger one.  Looking out the windows, one can see to the North and East toward the beautiful Catalina and Rincon Mountains.  Further, as the the landscape plants grow, they will provide an even more interesting view.  The living room also has a large T.V. to provide entertainment for the residents. In addition, the dining room has large windows on two sides that provides the most spectacular views of the Villas surroundings.  The chairs are comfortable and move easily with small wheels on the back legs. And importantly, it is close and open to the kitchen, allowing the staff to monitor residents needs.

Other photos above depict the library and its game table, and the full kitchen. In addition, there are comfortable areas where two people can have conversations, or one person can read a book from the extensive library.