Art in Academy Villas

Art in Academy Villas can be seen everywhere in the Villas. It helps that art courses, sponsored by the Arizona Senior Academy,  are one of the many amenities available to Villas residents. Further, a number of Villas residents are excellent artists.   In fact, the work of three Academy Villas residents was recently highlighted in a slideshow of Academy Village Residents’ Art.  Photos of the art of these three residents are shown below.

Artists and Art in Academy Villas

Academy Villas Art

Joan Lundberg, a current resident of the Villas, composed this pastel portrait of a man that she met while in the middle east. Joan uses many different media in her work, and recently took a colored pencil course in Academy Village.

Deli Bloombergen, a long time resident of the Villas, created this wonderful piece of fabric art.  She designed and created many large and stunning fabric art pieces. And she was an active member of Academy Village’s fabric art group.

Art in Academy Villas

Roger Shepard created this interesting piece of Digital art, called “Pear Lady”.  He and his wife, Barbaranne, live in the Villas.  In addition to being an artist, Roger is a well-known photographer.  As can be seen, he is also adept at working with photos, such as he did here,  on the computer.

These three pieces of art were a part of an slideshow that highlights the many artists and their work in Academy Village. If you are interested in exploring the resident art program further, the slideshow may be seen here.